Minimum Profit

Minimum Profit 5.0.1

Simple text editor for programmers


  • Ideal for first time programmers
  • Light on RAM
  • Excellent help system


  • Doesn't support all languages
  • Not many advanced coding options

Not bad

Minimum Profit is a very basic programming editor that lets you work with multiple files simultaneously, through a system of tabs, copying and pasting text blocks between them.

It provides colour code for the syntax of the most popular programming languages (C, C + +, Perl, php, SQL, Python, HTML, etc), completion labels and commands, automatic positioning of the code created (generating the margins required), a simple utility for search and replace amongst it's many features. The key to the program is simplicity - it's an ideal application for new programmers in particular. It has an easy-to-access help directory that you can reveal at any time simply by pressing F1 over any word of a text. The program "intelligently" assesses what kind of help you are probably looking for based on the code and brings up the appropriate file. Even for non programmers, the interface is easy to understand featuring drop-down menus and a simple list of hot keys. In addition to all these features, you can password protect your code, it's very light on resources and available in several different languages.

It might not be the most versatile programming text editor but it's certainly one of the easiest and intuitive you'll ever use.

Minimum Profit is a text editor for programmers. It is fully scriptable using a C-like scripting language and features unlimited undo levels and
complete Unicode support.

It also allows multiple files to be edited at the same time and blocks copied and pasted among them. Simplify your coding with Minimum profit today.

Minimum Profit


Minimum Profit 5.0.1

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